Meet The Musician: Nate Wooley

Leading up to the April 25th improvisational performance, Deeply Discounted II/Sequences of Snow, at TAS - we are going to introduce you to the two artists gracing our workshop for this one of a kind performance.

 Nate Wooley will be joining Ken Vandermark for the special performance. He began playing trumpet professionally with his father, a big band saxophonist, at the age of 13. Wooley grew up in a small Oregon town, a place of relative quiet and slow time reference. This instilled in Wooley a musical aesthetic that has informed all of his music making for the past 20 years, but in no situation more than his solo trumpet performances.

Wooley's solo playing has often been cited as being a part of an international revolution in improvised trumpet. In recent years, Wooley has been gathering international acclaim for his idiosyncratic trumpet language. Time Out New York has called him “an iconoclastic trumpeter”, and Downbeat’s Jazz Musician of the Year, Dave Douglas has said, “Nate Wooley is one of the most interesting and unusual trumpet players living today, and that is without hyperbole.”

 Wooley has numerous albums to his name, the most recent of which - Deeply Discounted II/Sequences of Snow - will be featured at TAS on April 25.

The Deeply Discounted II/Sequences of Snow event will take place at The Alternate Space located at 125 Walnut Street, MA 02472. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.