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Drummer Laurence Cook is a late first-generation American free improviser. Born in Boston, he studied painting at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, before moving to N.Y.C. in the early ’60s and working as a longshoreman.

Laurance Cook has been a major figure in the jazz avant-garde since the 1960’s on twenty-two recordings, including Revenge, and Dual Unity with Paul Bley; Skillfullnes with Alan Silva,Wraparound with Joe Morris; “Fuzzagainst Junk” from Vision 1997 Festival with Thurston Moore; Triplet and Fire in the Valley with Jemeel Moondoc; Divine Mad Love with Sabir Mateen; November 1981, Thoughts, and Son of Sisyphus with Bill Dixon. He has worked with Sam Rivers, Lowell Davidson, Rahn Burton, Alan Silva, The Brecker Brothers, Robin Kenyatta, Mark Whitecage, and Barre Phillipsamong many others.

From the 1980s to now, Laurence has been at the epicenter of all that is worthwhile in Boston including nearly two decades with Eric Zinman and an emeritus mentorship via drum kit to the Boston core community in its most vivacious phase in several decades.

At his home performance base, Outpost 186 in Cambridge MA, Laurence makes robust contributions to astonishing ensembles with Jim Hobbs, Dave Bryant, Junko Simons, Joe Morris, Jeff Platz, Steve Lantner and Forbes Graham, among many.

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