Coffee Trike at the Duo & Quartet Event

Okay, what are our three favorite things?

  1. Music
  2. Bikes
  3. Coffee

Somehow the stars have aligned and we’re combining all three for our Duo & Quartet event.

We are thrilled to have secured the famous Boston institution, The Coffee Trike for the Duo & Quartet event.

San Bellino’s espresso drink making skills are renown in the Boston area.  Even if you don’t like improvised music or bikes, it’ll be worth coming to the even for this treat alone.

The Coffee Trike menu is no frills but spot on, with options for skim and soy, leaving no on-the-go coffee chaser behind. Plus, you can opt to warm up with hot chocolate, instead.
— Eat Boutique

San and his Coffee Trike are the perfect match for this event.  Not only does he make the best mobile espresso on the east coast, San is a graduate of Berklee College of Music – so he’s got music chops, too.  Coffee, bikes, music.

And, all the drinks are free at The Alternate Space – so drink up!

San Bellino and The Coffee Trike photo: Calin & Bisous

San Bellino and The Coffee Trike
photo: Calin & Bisous

For more info on the amazing San Bellino: