New York City Jazz Record Reviews Shelter

Released on March 1, 2017, the Shelter album was produced by Ken Vandermark for Audiographic Records and showcases artists:

 Steve Heather: drums & crackle box
Jasper Stadhouders: electric bass & guitar
Ken Vandermark: reeds
Nate Wooley: trumpet

New York City Jazz Record has this to say about Shelter:

“On Shelter, Wooley is part of a quartet with reedplayer Ken Vandermark, Dutch bassist/guitarist Jasper Stadhouders and Australian drummer Steve Heather. Wooley favors the more conventional style recognizable from his jazzy quintet recordings, albeit one that possesses an experimental edge. Though everyone contributes to the band’s book, meaning they traverse a wide stylistic range, there is already a cohesive group identity discernible. Wooley’s “Burnt Njal” begins with trumpet mutters and raspberries in inventive consort with tappy cymbals and squeaky noisebox. Martial cadences buoy understated almost songlike trumpet, presaging a quicksilver twisting twosome with clarinet. Wooley has forged a fertile partnership with Vandermark and such face-offs feature prominently among the best moments. Another exciting parley stands out on Wooley’s “Bartleby”, following a wonderful solo trumpet prologue and a series of fast unison phrases. Other highpoints include Vandermark’s opening “F-1”, which showcases Wooley in two discrete settings, first belaying tightly coiled figures and liquid squeals over a pounding baritone- fuelled riff, then whooshing texturally over scratchy bass and crisp drums, and Heather’s gently processional “Of Use”, which brings out brief and incongruously wayward solos from across the band. Hopefully this is a unit that enjoys an extended existence.”

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