Ikue Mori Part of Vessel Orchestra Installation

BONYCH Festival musician, Ikue Mori, was recently a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s installation, Oliver Beer: Vessel Orchestra.

According to The Met’s website:

Vessel Orchestra is the first sound-based installation commissioned by The Met. Hybrid by design, it is a musical instrument, a series of live performances, and an installation composed of thirty-two sculptures, utilitarian vessels, and decorative objects from the Museum collection. Selected for their natural pitches, which range from low C to high G on the chromatic musical scale, they form an arresting and unexpectedly versatile instrument, similar to an organ with multiple pipes.

Oliver Beer had the idea that with this installation, museum patrons would be able to "hear the artwork, instead of just looking at it,” according to Pitchfork staff writer Michelle Kim. Vessel Orchestra turned 32 sculptures, vessels, and decorative pieces from the The Met’s collection into a musical instrument.

Mori performed on August 9 along with other artists such as John Zorn with Sara Serpa, Sae Hashimoto, Kenny Wollesen, Ikue Mori, and Michael Nicolas.

Come see Ikue at the upcoming BONYCH Festival which will take place on August 31, 2019 at The Alternate Space. Join the festival by purchasing tickets here.