HASSLES: A Night of Improvisational Performance by Vandermark, Nilssen-Love, and Ex

The Alternate Space (TAS) is honored to host an evening with improvisational performance quartet HASSLES featuring Ken Vandermark, Paal Nilssen-Love, Terrie Ex and a Norwegian bassist. Put together as a band for the first time in order to conclude Ken Vandermark’s second Stone residency at the beginning of January 2018, HASSLES is playing a series of concerts in North America including an intimate show on January 8, 2018 at The Alternate Space in Sherborn.  Based on their previous collaborations, the music created by this lineup promises to be an electrifying and visceral inquiry of contemporary improvised music, post-punk, Tropicalia, and the freest jazz possible.

This one-night only experience featuring four of the highest regarded improvisers promises to be an evening to remember. The HASSLES performance offers the rare opportunity to enjoy a powerful musical collaboration in a unique setting not seen by many – Sherborn’s The Alternate Space. The event, hosted by Ride Headquarters, brings improvised music into a bicycling studio environment where creativity, motion and hard work happen. Patria Lanfranchi, curator of The Alternate Space is eager to welcome HASSLES, “We’re thrilled to be hosting four world renowned musicians in a new venue that allows an intimate experience for both the musicians and audience that we know will leave all in awe of the energy that resonates between these extraordinary players.”

The HASSLES performance will take place at The Alternate Space located at 11 South Main Street, Sherborn, MA 01770. Doors open at 7:30 pm followed by two sets of music starting at 8:00 pm.

Amazing Vandermark & Wooley Duo Performance!


The Nate Wooley and Ken Vandermark duo performance at our new Alternate Space location was an amazing success! The audience was treated to a truly unique performance filled with incredible music and close connection with both Ken and Nate.  We were honored to host the last performance on the Wooley-Vandermark tour. If you attended the event, thank you for being a part of such a great event, and if you missed it, make sure to check The Alternate Space website regularly for future performances. 

New Recording From Tim Daisy, Michael Thieke and Ken Vandermark "Triptych"

Triptych documents a first time meeting between three stalwarts from the international improvised music scene: Berlin-based clarinetist and composer Michael Thieke, Multi-reedist extraordinaire Ken Vandermark, and Chicago-based drummer and composer Tim Daisy. These three compositions and five improvisations document multiple approaches to the art of composition and improvisation utilizing an unconventional trio line-up of clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, and percussion.

Musicians :

Michael Thieke/Tim Daisy/Ken Vandermark (relay 019)

3 Compositions & 5 Improvisations by

Michael Thieke: clarinet

Ken Vandermark: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

Tim Daisy: drums, percussion, compositions

Order here.

New York City Jazz Record Reviews Shelter

Released on March 1, 2017, the Shelter album was produced by Ken Vandermark for Audiographic Records and showcases artists:

 Steve Heather: drums & crackle box
Jasper Stadhouders: electric bass & guitar
Ken Vandermark: reeds
Nate Wooley: trumpet

New York City Jazz Record has this to say about Shelter:

“On Shelter, Wooley is part of a quartet with reedplayer Ken Vandermark, Dutch bassist/guitarist Jasper Stadhouders and Australian drummer Steve Heather. Wooley favors the more conventional style recognizable from his jazzy quintet recordings, albeit one that possesses an experimental edge. Though everyone contributes to the band’s book, meaning they traverse a wide stylistic range, there is already a cohesive group identity discernible. Wooley’s “Burnt Njal” begins with trumpet mutters and raspberries in inventive consort with tappy cymbals and squeaky noisebox. Martial cadences buoy understated almost songlike trumpet, presaging a quicksilver twisting twosome with clarinet. Wooley has forged a fertile partnership with Vandermark and such face-offs feature prominently among the best moments. Another exciting parley stands out on Wooley’s “Bartleby”, following a wonderful solo trumpet prologue and a series of fast unison phrases. Other highpoints include Vandermark’s opening “F-1”, which showcases Wooley in two discrete settings, first belaying tightly coiled figures and liquid squeals over a pounding baritone- fuelled riff, then whooshing texturally over scratchy bass and crisp drums, and Heather’s gently processional “Of Use”, which brings out brief and incongruously wayward solos from across the band. Hopefully this is a unit that enjoys an extended existence.”

Read the entire review here:  New York City Jazz Record Review of Shelter

Purchase Shelter here.

Nate Wooley: The Complete Syllables Music 4 CD Box Set Released

Four discs of solo experimentation from American trumpet conceptualist Nate Wooley, which represent the full history of his radical "Syllables" solo music, which replaces the standard technique of the trumpet with the mechanics of producing speech.

Included are re-releases of his early [8] Syllables and [9] Syllables CDs, both long out of print, as well as the premiere recording of the epic acoustic/electro-acoustic finale: "For Kenneth Gaburo" spanning 150 minutes on two discs. Package comes complete with multiple essays and a booklet of the original scores beautifully set by Lasse Marhaug.

Order here.

TAS is on the move!

The Alternate Space is excited to announce that we have moved to a new home!  Our performance space has relocated to Ride Headquarters at 11 Main Street in Sherborn.  Our relocation was inspired by several factors.  The intimate space at Ride Headquarters will allow our audiences to connect with the performers in a new way, not to mention the tremendous acoustic nature of the space.  Ride Headquarters location in Sherborn is an easier destination for people living outside of Boston who want to attend our events and the private parking lot provides for plenty of on-site parking.  As we won’t be located in a residential neighborhood any longer, we won’t worry about our events disturbing our neighbors, either. 

We look forward to this collaboration with Ride Headquarters and know you, too, will enjoy the additional benefits of the events that we host there.

Vandermark & Wooley Performance Duo May 17, 2017

TAS is honored to be welcoming back improvisational performance duo Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley on May 17, 2017.  Vandermark and Wooley, in this one-night only experience, are offering our audience the rare opportunity to enjoy a performance in a unique setting.  The pair will be nearing the end of an eight show tour together and the performance will showcase their synergy and guarantee a unique performance reflecting their shared sonic language. The musicians will play together to create an organic combination of jazz tradition, free improvisation, and modern composition. 

Ken Vandermark, a Massachusetts native, will be coming home for this special, one-time gig. A fixture on the Chicago-area music scene since 1989, Vandermark has earned wide critical praise for his playing and his multilayered compositions, which typically balance intricate orchestration with passionate improvisation. He has led or been a member of many groups, collaborated extensively with other artists, and was awarded a 1999 MacArthur Fellowship. He plays tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, and baritone saxophone.

Nate Wooley's solo playing has often been cited as being a part of an international revolution in improvised trumpet. In the past three years, Wooley has been gathering international acclaim for his idiosyncratic trumpet language.  Time Out New York has called him “an iconoclastic trumpeter”, and Downbeat’s Jazz Musician of the Year, Dave Douglas has said, “Nate Wooley is one of the most interesting and unusual trumpet players living today, and that is without hyperbole”.

We’ve been looking forward to hosting this group for a long time.   The energy these two world renowned improvisers bring to this special space is sure to spark some new sounds and collaborations.  Don’t miss it!

The Made to Break event will take place at The Alternate Space located at 11 South Main Street, Sherborn, MA 01770. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be reserved through The Alternate Space website. For more information about this one-time only event, email music@thealternatespace.com