Made To Break April 22, 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Join us for a unique project in the Boston area.  TAS is hosting the most talented musicians in the United States.  Order tickets today – limited seating.  Do not miss this once in a lifetime event.

Open Music and Creative Manufacturing:  MADE TO BREAK

Performance at 8:00 pm

New improvised music by:

Ken Vandermark :: Reeds & Composer

Christof Kurzmann :: Vocals, Lloopp, Clarinet, Alto Sax

Tim Daisy :: Percussion

Jasper Stadhouders: Electric Bass

MADE TO BREAK is improviser/composer Ken Vandermark’s newest ensemble and his most radical.  Combining elements of his interest and experience with the music of Ethiopia and the Ex, alongside the New Music ideas of John Cage and Morton Feldman, and mixing these with his perspective toward jazz and improvised music history, he has devised a compositional framework for the band that can be restructured for every performance and which deals with melody, sound, and rhythm in a completely unique way.  This creative system gives the music of MADE TO BREAK an almost unprecedented flexibility and immediacy.  The instrumentation of the quartet (drums, electric bass, electronics, and reeds) has given Vandermark an amazing palette of sounds to explore with each composition, but it is the individuals involved (with Tim Daisy, Devin Hoff, Christof Kurzmann), and their diverse approaches to improvisation, that give the ensemble such a dynamic and spontaneous energy.


  • Suggested Donation for the Musicians:  $15
  • Seating is limited so order your tickets now.
  • Free and ample parking.
  • The venue is in a residential area so be quiet when you leave, if it’s after 10 pm.  Respect our neighbors.